Terry Rodgers

por Noticias-i

Rodgers is an accomplished painter with a striking mastery of light and transitions as is evidenced by his current body of work. This work focuses on the life of upper middle class Americans, seemingly adrift in affluence and casualness, unsatisfied and disconnected. Nonetheless, Rodgers’s work remains firmly rooted in life class drawing, necessitating the use of, and contact with, human models. Rodgers asks friends, acquaintances, professional models, and, sometimes, total strangers, to pose for him in a photography session. He then builds a scenario in a painting by pulling together elements from a wide array of photographs.

The resulting images are not snapshots or slices of life, not verite records of actual moments in actual families or party situations, or diaristic records of his family life, but carefully constructed and composited fictions, designed to elicit the most meaning and sustain the maximum amount of ambiguity.